ZooCast! episode 10: The MorrisonCon Tapes Part Deux or Zombie Giraffes and the Pre Apocalypse 

Hail Travelers!

A bit of a longer episode this week but its worth it.  We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with Robert Kirkman( Walking Dead..as if you dont know) at MorrisonCon for some in-depth discussions of zombified fauna and his gripe with Marvel and DC.  We also got a second to sit down with - well.. we were actually standing up, but thats beyond the point - Akira The Don who spoke on several panels during the occasion.  Beyond all that we’ll be relating stories from our journey to Las Vegas and the Con that made me stop worrying and love the bomb.  

-MorrisonCon Melted My Brain pt 2

-Words had with Akira The Don

-Clouded Memories from an Unforgettable Night 

-Robert Kirkman, “The monkeys are the best!”

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